Are all Geodesic Domes the same?

Nope. Many companies use materials that are not as durable, strong, long lasting or attractive. At Harmony Domes, we use only the highest quality materials that will provide you with years of happiness.

Also, other Dome companies will just send you the tent kit and expect you to figure out how to assemble it, mount it, insulate it, cool and heat it, install your fixtures and appliances and then furnish it. Talk about headaches! At Harmony Domes, we do it all for you—exactly the way you want it. You’ll get the Harmony Dome you want without the hassles. How great is that?

What is a geodesic dome?

The short answer? It’s your happy place.

The scientific answer? It’s a thin-shelled dome constructed of galvanized steel struts following geodesic lines and forming an open framework of triangles or polygons. R. Buckminster Fuller applied for a patent for a geodesic dome in 1951 and received it in 1954. It’s one of the most durable, sturdy, aerodynamic, energy efficient, long lasting, lightweight, easy to build, flexible, high quality and economical structures in the world.

How do I clean the exterior of my geodesic dome?

To protect the life of your Harmony Dome, you’ll want to remove dirt and stains on the vinyl cover every 180 days. You can use a power nozzle and/or a mild soap solution and soft scrub brush.

Never use solvents, heavy brushes, wire pads or high pressure steam cleaners.

Rinse your Dome thoroughly with water after cleaning to remove any trace of cleaning solutions. You should also brush out the bottoms of all the window pockets and the bottom of the dome on a regular basis.

Can you create separate rooms in a Harmony Dome?

Absolutely! There are a variety of ways to create separate spaces, including walls, partitions, screens and even lofts. We’ll work with you to create your perfect design and then bring it to life!

What are zoning constraints for residential dome structures?

Zoning requirements vary between each city and county. You’ll need to get approval from your local Building Department. We’re happy to provide you with a structural analysis documents from our engineers that provides specifications for seismic, wind load and snow load.

Do you have financing available?

Yes we do—and at competitive rates. Click Here to apply or to find out more about our financing options.

What is the warranty for a Harmony Dome?

Harmony Domes upholds a five year warranty for every dome sold.

What kind of window options are offered?

You can customize your dome windows anyway you'd like! You can choose between round, dormer and panoramic windows.

There are also window and ventilation screens available.

What kind of doors are available?

You can choose between single and double conventional doors

that lock. We offer a variety of styles and offer door discounts for domes that are shipped out of state for cost purposes.

How durable is the framework of a Harmony Dome?

Our frames are tough! They are hot-dip galvanized on both sides and completely protected from corrosion and rust—even if they’re exposed to humidity and water for long periods of time.

You can also choose optional powder coating in a wide variety of colors. Most people do choose a white powder coating but it’s up to you!

How does a solar fan work? Do you Offer Climate Control?

We prefer PRANA to the solar fan.

It’s like magic, but it’s not!

What membrane colors do you offer?

All of the membranes come in the same thickness (650g/sqm),

the same fire retardant and fungicide coating and can operate in -40°-70°. And their life expectancy is 8-12 years depending on site-specific conditions.

We have a wide variety of color options. 16 Exterior Colors and 26 Interior Canvas Colors. However, the color you choose can prevent or promote heat buildup. For example, if your site is going to be in direct sunlight, it’s best not to choose dark colors like Forest Green.

What is the fabric used on the exterior of Harmony Domes?

We use architectural PVC fabric manufactured in Belgium that surpasses the quality of most Dome companies.

It’s extremely durable, waterproof, flame retardant and resistant to UV and mold.

What weather conditions can Harmony Domes withstand?

Rain, snow, hail, sleet, sunshine, extreme winds—your Harmony

Dome can handle what Mother Nature dishes out—even if it all happens in one day! (You know Colorado!)

We use high quality materials that provide comfort and shelter in just about any environment. Because of its shape, most snow slides down the dome, especially if you keep your Harmony Dome heated. However, sometimes snow can accumulate on top of the dome, which required manual snow removal. If your Harmony Dome is going to be in an area with particularly heavy snowfall or extreme winds, we have a reinforced framework option. If you’re Harmony Dome site isn’t prone to extreme weather phenomena, there’s no reason to spring for additional framework reinforcement.

Harmony Domes withstand up to 120 mph winds and 80 psf snowload. Our Premium Insulation is certified R-6 value. However, if your city or county enforces more intense requirements, we are able to accommodate.

Can a Harmony Dome be used year round? 365?

Absolutely! Harmony Domes can be set up as permanent and even semi-permanent structures. They provide a safe, weatherproof shelter in any climate conditions. Not only do they stand up to Mother Nature beautifully, they’ re beautiful on the inside—you get to customize your interior any way you like!

Harmony Domes withstand up to 120 mph winds and 80 psf snowload. We are also able to accommodate your county or city's code requirements with a quick upgrade in pipe diameter or frequency!

Harmony Domes with Premium Insulation have a certified R-Value of 6 and can accommodate update 25.