About Us

Harmony Domes is the first United States based company to offer “Geodesic Glamping Domes” for use for single units, rentals, commercial events or multi unit resorts.  Our  Eco-Domes have a minimal impact on our environment yet offer 4-5 star hotel amenities for our guests. Harmony Domes can be customized to your perfect size and amenities too.
Each Harmony Dome are big enough to add a living area, bedroom, bathroom, dining area and possibly a second sleeping area, (Bunk Beds).  Each Harmony Dome is made with high grade steel and a proprietary material keeping the inside of the dome warm even when it’s as low as 37 degrees below zero.  Our domes are also wind resistant and have been tested against winds as high as a category 1 tornado.
Harmony Domes are a glamping retreat for everyone from the solo outdoors adventure seeker to couples yearning for a romantic escapes or families who wish to ‘Play and Stay’ in nature.  Views from our Domes are both unique and breathtaking.  You'll never experience anything like a Harmony Dome.
Harmony Domes are thin-shelled domes constructed of short struts following geodesic lines and forming an open framework of triangles or polygons. It’s one of the most durable, sturdy, aerodynamic, energy efficient, long lasting, lightweight, easy to build, flexible, high quality and economical structures in the world.