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When the endless cycle of construction and repairs becomes tiresome, it's worth considering a frame house! Despite doubts about their reliability, frame houses are gaining popularity in our country. People increasingly acknowledge and embrace their advantages, from kitchen to bathroom and beyond. Delving deeper into the topic with reliable information can unveil the full range of benefits, making them a desirable choice for every room in your home.

Premium Tiny House

Micro Home

Our Harmony Micro Home is 435 Sq. Feet. Call us to customize your Micro Home.  

Don't spend half your life on construction and repair! Micro Homes are just beginning to conquer the market. People are beginning to appreciate their benefits and at a price point under $63,000 you can't afford to miss this opportunity.

Tiny Home

The Harmony Tiny Home is 237 Sq. Ft. and just $45,000.

The house is insulated with cellulose cotton wool (cellulose insulation) by blowing, all niches are filled completely without leaving voids (cold bridges), which avoids errors in insulation. Thickness of a heater is 250 mm a floor, walls, a ceiling. Flammability class G2, flame retardants (salts) are added to the insulation, which makes it non-combustible. 

  • Tongue and groove connections
  • Build in hard to reach places, no cranes necessary.
  • 100% moisture resistant plywood
  • Ecological insulation
  • Fixed Pricing


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