Premium Dome

Presenting our advanced geodome model, designed for supreme comfort and enhanced energy efficiency. With its revolutionary hermetic window panorama system, this dome elevates indoor microclimate control, ensuring an optimal environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. Offering both sliding and standard door openings, our geodome provides versatility and convenience to suit diverse preferences.

1. **Optimal Comfort and Energy Efficiency**: Our geodome prioritizes comfort without compromising on sustainability. Through the innovative hermetic window panorama system, we achieve superior indoor climate management, fostering ideal conditions for rest and leisure.

2. **Innovative Window System**: Experience a new level of indoor comfort with our state-of-the-art window technology. By regulating airflow and maximising natural light, our hermetic window panorama system creates a tranquil atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

3. **Versatile Door Options**: Choose the entry style that suits your preference with our dual door openings—sliding and standard. Whether seeking seamless indoor-outdoor connectivity or a classic entrance, our geodome offers flexibility to cater to individual needs.

Discover the next evolution in glamping accommodations with our comfortable and energy-efficient geodome model. Its advanced features and adaptable design promise an unparalleled experience for guests seeking luxury and sustainability in the great outdoors.