Choosing a place for a geodome

What factors should be taken into account while choosing a location for your future geodome?

Choice of geodome location

One of the most popular questions about geodesic domes would be the choice of their location. On one hand, it can be installed almost anywhere, on the other, there is one important factor to consider. We'll tell you more about it below.

The stability of the structure also affects the choice of the geodome’s location. Thanks to their aerodynamic shapes, geo domes are able to withstand wind loads of up to 120 km / h and snow loads of up to 160 kg / m2. This allows you to install such a structure even in difficult climatic conditions.

What factors should be considered?

The only factor that can influence the choice of a geodome’s location is its primary purpose. If you need a geo dome for private use (as a summer kitchen or recreation area), you can place it in the backyard of your home, garden, etc. The situation with geo domes intended for business purposes is more complicated. Here, you have to consider these three aspects. First, in the case of hotels or glamping sites, it is important to have a nice view. It can be a lake, river or sea shore, forest, mountain, etc. The main task – chosen location should delight the guests of your glamping or hotel. Two more aspects are communication accessibility and the ability to connect the necessary installations.