How to care for a geodome?

How to keep the dome in good condition? What is not recommended to do with the geodome’s membrane?

External covering of geodome

How often should you wash it? We recommend washing the panoramic part (transparent membrane) once every 2-3 days, and the white part (architectural membrane) once a quarter. This is due to the fact that the material expands under prolonged exposure to sunlight. This allows dirt to penetrate into its structure, making cleaning more difficult.

What cleaning products to use? The transparent and architectural membranes are very delicate. Thus, aggressive cleaning products can negatively affect the color and properties of membranes (for example, their UV resistance). With regular care of the dome, dirt can be easily washed off with plain warm water or mild cleansers.

What you should not do? Apart from aggressive cleaning products, it is not recommended to use paper towels, stiff sponges, or brushes for cleaning.

What else is important? Regularly check the dome for any distortion or damage.

Steel structure

How to take care of it? Regularly wipe down the steel structure to get rid of dirt and dust where it is visible. Every 6 months or if necessary, it is recommended to check the fastening elements, tighten the screws, etc. What to avoid? Do not allow dust and dirt to accumulate on the steel frame. Do not hang anything on it that may exceed the permissible load, because it can damage the structure. The right care and maintenance of a geodesic dome depend on many factors: location, climate, purpose, etc. However, the main rule is regular care.